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Consultancy and banking advisory services for changing C.I.S. banks

Category: Bank Management

We have seen that re-organisation, mergers and commercial improvement of C.I.S. banks are needed. Training may be useful to prepare such changes. It will seldom be sufficient in achieving such challenges. There is, thus, a need for external consultancy.

Interpersonal Skills. Change Management

Category: Training

Four factors influence the success of any change programme or project. Good team work and leadership is fundamental

Interpersonal Skills. Presentation skills

Category: Training

The aim here is to equip you with various techniques of making presentations in order to communicate coherently with your audience.

Interpersonal Skills. Agenda for a meeting

Category: Training

Points on an agenda for a team meeting can be the following: Yesterday’s performance and today’s plan Particular problems that have arisen, their solution or planned action to resolve

Interpersonal Skills. The old and new way of communicating with a group

Category: Training

The old way of communicating with a group For years, The Industrial Society advocated the use of Briefing Groups — gatherings of people about once a month with normal work stopped for half an hour or so, during which the supervisor or manager gave out information which had been collected during the previous four weeks.

Interpersonal Skills. Communication skills

Category: Training

You can improve your interpersonal skills by Improving your Communication skills (2.1) Improving your presentation skills (2.2) Change management (2.3)

Consultants and Trainers skills

Category: Training

When we speak about skills of a consultant and/or a trainer usually we mean following:

Consultancy & Training Learning Cycle

Category: Training

It is very important to know which are the phases during a learning experience. This will help both: trainer and trainee to go smoothly during the process.