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You can improve your interpersonal skills by Improving your Communication skills (2.1)

Improving your presentation skills (2.2)

Change management (2.3)

2.1 Communication skills

Effective communication does not require great eloquence, although sometimes that is helpful (but it can also be a turn-off).

The most important points about effective communication are to:

Be genuinely interested in communicating with people.

Be a good listener, show an interest in what others have to say to you, not always jumping in with your point of view (more on listening later).

Assemble your facts and information carefully so that you have the full story but accept that this is not always possible. You have to strike a balance on your timing so that you do not talk so soon that people feel you do not know what you are talking about and not so late that they have heard about it already.

Talk with people not at them. Use language they understand. The really effective communicator is good with people at all levels and is never thought to be «pulling rank». Phrases such as, «We did a brilliant job yesterday» or «We really screwed up on that one» are clear, to the point and are understood by all.

Recognise that you communicate all the time. The supervisor who says a cheerful and genuine «Good morning» is communicating positively. The one who ignores most of the people most of the time is perceived as only going through the motions when he or she does attempt to communicate more formally.

Showing people you are genuinely interested in their job is good communication; showing respect for what they do is fundamental; management by walking around with a purpose is critical. It means understanding and caring about peoples’ jobs, their problems and potential solutions.

Always tell the truth. Be open and honest. If you are not, you will be found out and will be thought to be dishonest and devious. You will not be trusted even when you are telling the truth and it is much easier for you to remember a truth than a lie!

Begin communicating in the good times. If you wait for the bad times people will think that you only talk with them when there is bad news and they will not trust you. Hopefully, you will build up credibility during the good times that will see you through the bad.

Important Concepts which are covered are the following:

• The old way of communicating with a group

The new way of communicating with a group

The typical agenda


Walking around with a purpose.

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