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Behavioural questionnaire and check-list. What kind of managers bring the best of you?

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Behavioural questionnaire and check-list Leadership checklist

Leadership: setting up the project of developing more accurate practices

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The different styles which affect leadership They are shown on the graph:

Leaders’ responsibilities and leadership styles of behaviours

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In time hundreds of studies have been conducted to test the various leadership theories. One of the most comprehensive series was conducted at Ohio State University. After analysing 1,500 manager behaviour descriptions two major factors emerged by which leadership style could be described:

Management functions and leadership basis

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It is essential that management understand not only how people behave, but also why. Such knowledge is valueless, however, unless provision is also made for an environment that enables and encourages employees to achieve personal and corporate goals. The way in which a leader deals with subordinates will to a considerable degree; be determined by […]