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Criteria to take into consideration for career decisions

Category: Staff’s Motivation

To make a choice between candidates, one has, mainly, to take into consideration the following factors: — long past professional experience and, particularly, knowledge of the bank, the way it works and its organisational culture,

The three ways of career evolution: Promotion, Transfer, Demotion

Category: Staff’s Motivation

Promotion A promotion is a move of an employee to a job within the organisation, which has greater importance and, usually, higher pay. Frequently the job has higher status and carries improved fringe benefits and more privileges.

The emerging differentiation of the careers

Category: Staff’s Motivation

European banks’ new practices concerning career management are, more and more, characterised by:

Historical pitfalls concerning career management within European banks

Category: Staff’s Motivation

Presentation of the European banks’ traditional practices In many of the retail banks from western European countries, career management was characterised by: