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Criteria to take into consideration for career decisions

Category: Staff’s Motivation

To make a choice between candidates, one has, mainly, to take into consideration the following factors:

— long past professional experience and, particularly, knowledge of the bank, the way it works and its organisational culture,

— technical expertise,

— motivation, commitment and ambition,

— reliability and loyalty,

— level of general competencies (diplomas,…),

— past experience of having successfully assumed rather high responsibilities, assumed leadership skills and aptitude to manage and motivate people

— team player, co-operative, group acceptance

— high individual contribution, registered past performances above average, reputation of being a strong achiever, extraordinarily productive, successful: To give personal performance a much heavier weight

— growth potential, trainability

— adaptability, being open-minded, creativity, ability to think about the long term, innovative capacities (young age), fresh breeze from the outside, with new ideas,

Discussion of the relative weight of these different criteria that should be considered.

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