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The emerging differentiation of the careers

Category: Staff’s Motivation

European banks’ new practices concerning career management are, more and more, characterised by:

— Engaging numerous young graduates, with a tendency to hire people from the outside for managing positions and even to offer highly specialised positions to people coming from other firms.

— Increasing cross-functional mobility.

— Development and implementation of multiple promotion systems and channels (diversification of professional itineraries and different speeds),

…differentiation between fast and slow track paths, trajectory being distinct between “two-speed” paths (according to capacities measured by hiring tests and accompanied differentiated trainings),

…and constitution of breeding ground for agents with strong potential, either detected at the time of hiring or, often, selected according to the results of internal assessment centres (at least for managers). In-house evolutions and promotions rely, then, on extremely selective in-house appraisals, the share of merit consideration is increasing, which involves setting up sophisticated evaluation methods and structures for internal selection (exploration, experimentation and setting-up of multi-competence evaluation methods).

Discussion of the impacts of such practices

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