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Fearless Forex Trader

Category: Forex

You have probably heard about fearless Forex traders.  They are the types that are over-excited and not at all careful about their trading habits.  They get absorbed in the thrill and excitement of Forex trading.  They’ll switch positions all the time and trade in many different currency pairs at once.  The result is that they […]

Tips for Using A Forex Tester

Category: Forex

If you want to get into Forex trading, you may have heard about free demo accounts and how they can be a huge help to new traders. 

Manage your business finances properly – Don’t let debts mar your business growth

Category: Financial Control Management

Accumulating too much commercial debt can be crippling for your business organization and may even lead to bankruptcy. Instead of welcoming financial ruin, you should always try your best to finesse your business finances so that you don’t let debts mar the growth of your organization. Even though there are some business organizations that take […]

General definition of accounting

Category: Management

Today, it is impossible to manage a business operation without accurate and timely accounting information. Managers and em­ployees, lenders, suppliers, stockholders, and government agen­cies all rely on the information contained in two financial state­ments. These two reports — the balance sheet and the income statement — are summaries of a firm’s activities during a specific […]

How to approach the EBRD

Category: Business in Great Britain

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is noteworthy as the only international financial institution located in London’s sprawling international financial centre. The EBRD is a multilateral financial institution (owned by sovereign states and organisations), which supports, mainly through the financing of projects, the transition of post-communist countries to market economies.

Useful Organisations in the UK

Category: Business in Great Britain

Business and Trade Associations Russo-British Chamber of Commerce The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) exists to facilitate trade between Britain and Russia. Member services include the provision of a monthly business digest, in-depth regional and company profiles, exhibitions, conferences and up to the minute Russian business advice.

The “New near abroad” – Baltics companies and London

Category: Business in Great Britain

Vilnius is the geographical centre of Europe, even if some in Paris may disagree. The problem for companies in the Baltics — the “New Near Abroad” — is that people in London have different perceptions, and this gets more acute as you move across the Atlantic to that great “Europe over there”, as Sir Harold […]

Working in the UK

Category: Business in Great Britain

So you want to live and work in the UK? Here is just an overview of some of the key issues: Registration of a Representative Office in the UK Every physical and legal person present on the territory of the UK must be accredited: for a legal entity this means, at a minimum, registration of […]

Using the UK business press, and other ways to raise your company’s profile

Category: Business in Great Britain

The UK has a long and proud tradition of objective, analytical business journalism. From the flagship Financial Times, perhaps the most highly regarded and widely read business daily in the world, through the business sections of the national daily newspapers, to the myriad newsletters and bulletins published by the Chambers of Commerce, Trade Federations and […]

London’s insurance market – how it can work for your company

Category: Business in Great Britain

Insurance plays an important role in world trade. It enables businesses to trade with greater confidence and venture their capital more freely than would otherwise be possible. Why? Because it provides protection against unforeseen losses. This means businesses can invest in the knowledge that they have financial security even if, due to unexpected circumstances, they […]