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A closer look at IPO

Category: Business in Great Britain

Companies and their shareholders consider publicly offering their equity in the form of shares to third-party investors — by means of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) — for a variety of reasons: ▼ Financing Growth. Many of the companies considering an IPO have reached a stage where they have strong expansion opportunities but are constrained […]

Building business networks in the UK

Category: Business in Great Britain

An important (yet often overlooked) aspect of any emerging markets company’s approach to the UK and its financial markets is to develop a solid network of contacts within the UK business, financial and government communities. Whether the company’s goal is to raise finance, find strategic partners or expand its business into the UK — taking […]

International financial communications

Category: Business in Great Britain

‘It is very vulgar to talk about one’s business. Only people like stockbrokers do that, and then merely at dinner parties.’ – Oscar Wilde There was a time when Oscar Wilde was right, a time when talking about one’s business was viewed as inappropriate or vulgar. However, recent commotion over transparency, disclosure requirements and Sarbanes […]

Raising funds in London

Category: Business in Great Britain

The UK offers companies a wide variety of financing options — some more traditional, some more easily accessible than others. The primary sources of finance are: ▼ London Listings (Corporate Finance / Equities), such as initial public offerings (IPOs) of securities on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), including the exchange for smaller companies operated by […]

Background on the city of London and its financial institutions

Category: Business in Great Britain

In the world of international financial services, London leads London is a global financial centre and the pre-eminent international financial centre in Europe. It delivers all the products and services necessary to support the financial transactions and business objectives of major FSU companies and organisations. International finance available in London covers all the key fields […]

Doing business with Great Britain

Category: Business in Great Britain

The United Kingdom and the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the FSU are close enough, and have enough experience of each other, to delude their business executives into thinking too readily that they also understand each other better than they do. That trap is all the more easily laid because they usually […]

Foreign Exchange Risk Mananagement Procedures

Category: Forex, Risk Management in Banking

In this area there is considerable difference in current practice. This can be explained by the different franchises that coexist in the banking industry. Most banking institutions view activity in the foreign exchange market beyond their franchise, while others are active participants. The former will take virtually no principal risk, no forward open positions, and […]

Improving Budgeting using Flexible Budgets

Category: Financial Control Management

Static budgets are prepared for a single, planned level of activity. Performance evaluation is difficult when actual activity differs from the planned level of activity.

How to Perform Budgeting

Category: Financial Control Management

Budgeting is complex comprising inflow and outflow items. As in a market driven economy sales play the determinative role for the survival of a company, budget will also start from sales planning. Accuracy is important because sales are an important base for calculation of other budget components.

Budget Definition and its Purpose. Types of Budgets

Category: Financial Control Management

Budget Definition and its Purpose Budget a detailed plan, expressed in quantitative terms, that specifies how resources will be acquired and used during a specified period of time.