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Evaluating Training Program Effectiveness. Timing of Program Evaluations. Effective Program Follow-up

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Evaluating Training Program Effectiveness

Evaluation of the facilitator and the facilities

Measurements of Program Effectiveness

Measuring behavioral skills

Profitability impact

Calculating the Return on Investment

Timing of Program Evaluations

An assessment should be completed on each participant:

prior to the training program

immediately following the training

six months after the completion of the training

Effective Program Follow-up

Designing, Producing, and Distributing the Report

It is needed for all stakeholders to have a report by the end of the training assignment. In this report the trainer shows and describes the activities and the evaluation of the course. From this report every stakeholder can gather the needed information for improvement and feed back.

Usually the form of the report depends on:

purpose of the report


resources available

A written report should be organized to include:

— Cover page

— Table of contents

— Executive summary

— Evaluation report

— Conclusion and recommendations

Contents of the evaluation report should include:

— the needs that the training was intended to meet

— the training objectives for the course

— results of end-of-course reaction surveys, if they were administered

— results of tests taken by learners in aggregate or individual form, if tests were administered

— results of on-the-job follow-up studies to assess transfer of training to the job, if they have been conducted

— impact or training outcome study results, if they have been conducted

The purpose of a follow-up evaluation is to:

— test the long-term efficacy of the training

— consider changes to the program based on the results

— determine whether there is a need and demand for further training

Follow-up Marketing Strategies

— Follow-up support service

— Press releases

— Repeat business

— Referrals

— Reprints and tapes

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