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Determining Evaluation Needs of Various Stakeholders

Category: Training

As the trainer, you are the channel through which information is delivered and learning is facilitated. That is not to say that learners will be completely bewildered if they have an ineffective trainer. But, to achieve good results on a consistent basis, you need appropriate and effective delivery skills. As a trainer or instructor, you are usually the most visible source of training, and you will be blamed if any aspect of the training experience is not effective. Of course, the subject matter of the training, the quality of the training materials, organization politics, the setting in which the training is conducted, learner motivation, and countless other issues can all dramatically influence how learners and others evaluate your training delivery. You (or another qualified person) should monitor the training program during delivery to assess its quality and effectiveness based on the training objectives and predetermined performance standards. The feedback you receive can be helpful to you in achieving quality results and continuous improvement.

Mainly the stakeholders of the course would like to benefit as follows:

Top Management of the beneficiary/participant organization

Bottom-line impact of training (in terms of cost, quality, productivity, performance improvement)

Alignment of training with organizational mission, vision, and strategy

Line management of the beneficiary/participant organization

New skills or knowledge acquired by learners

Transfer of training barriers

Learner performance / accomplishments

Expected benefits / payoff

Attendance information

Training Managers of the training delivery organization

Facility information

Food service

Participant satisfaction

Suggested improvements

Trainer performance

Instructional Designers of the training delivery organization

Adjustments made during delivery (methods, sequence, material, etc)

Achievement of objectives

Problems experienced

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