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Consultants and Trainers skills

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When we speak about skills of a consultant and/or a trainer usually we mean following:

Trainer skills:

Technical skills

Interpersonal skills (2.0)

Training skills (3.0)

Consultant skills:

— Technical skills

— Interpersonal skills (2.0) Consulting skills (4.0)

The first skill — the technical skills — for both consultant and trainer are same. Without having some technical skills (in the area, where you are giving training or consultancy) you can’t train or consult a company or an individual in a proper way.

The second skills related to Interpersonal area are very important again due to the fact consultants and trainers work and communicate with people.

And third, we speak about professional training and consultancy skills needed in order to act as a SME managing trainer or consultant.

In the following we will discuss the Interpersonal Skills and the Training/Consultancy Skills.

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