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Categories of information systems for automating your business

Category: Information Systems

Information systems for business control and management can be divided into two main groups:

Management Information Systems (MIS), and Operational Systems.

Information systems for business control and management


MIS is designed to:

Evaluate current operations:

— To analyse the current situation (profitability of orders, products, markets etc.)

— To analyse the consequences of decisions (decision modelling using specific methods of analysis)

— To forecast and develop the business, develop budget forecasts (for contracts, products, markets etc.)

— To assess actual data (actual costs/benefits by contract, by product, by market etc.)

— To analyse deviations between planned and actual figures

Whereas operational systems are designed to:

Automate business processes in the following spheres:

— Production

— Supplies

— Sales

— Warehousing

Automate financial and tax accounting

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