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Phase 3. Integration technology development

Category: Information Systems

Technology development includes the following main steps:

Development of a logical physical structure of data in the central database and data in «portions» transmitted from subsidiaries. To ensure flexibility in changes and correct documenting of the integration process, it is recommended to use tools supporting database design (e.g. ERWin, SilverRun etc.). For example, structure of data for cash flow analysis can have the following look if presented as an ER-diagram.

Integration technology development

Choice of DBMS for the central database and formats of the transmitted data. Potential future volumes of data should be assessed and decision as for DBMS should be taken on the basis of «price-productivity» criterion. It should be kept in mind that the target system should be productive, integrated and safe.

Development of organizational mechanisms for regular or non-stop integration, which determines how integration process will function:

— Who and when starts internal mechanisms?

— How do we ensure consistency of reference and normative data?

— Which data and at what intervals) should be transmitted from subsidiaries?

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