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Four factors influence the success of any change programme or project. Good team work and leadership is fundamental

• Pay-off

Victor Vroom (1964) found in simple terms that:

people will accept change if they believe that it will pay off for them

people will resist change if they believe that it will not pay off for them.

• Participation

Many early behavioural scientists found that people will generally:

accept change if they participate in the process of change and can influence the change

resist change if they are not given adequate opportunity to participate.

• Information

Bill Reddin, another behavioural scientist contends that resistance to change is reduced through intensive, timely and transparent communication.

• Planning and Preparation

From warfare (a violent form of change management) we know that in army language «proper planning and preparation prevents poor results».

To ensure successful change, the trainer/consultant has to remember the four elements in the model.

The more you ensure

proper pay-off

positive participation

transparent timeous information

proper planning and preparation

the greater the chance that your change effort will be successful.

Learning from many models of practical change management and from practical cases of successful change at supervisory level, the following four-staged approach to manage change was developed the change.

Four Stage approach to manage change:

Stage 1
Establish the need for change Create dissatisfaction with the current state

Involve the team in developing the gap between the

ideal and the present

Build support by key individuals in the team for change

List and communicate the benefits of change to the team

Stage 2
Plan the change Plan the change. i.e. how to move from the present to the ideal

Involve the team in planning Pinpoint responsibility Communicate the plan to all

Stage 3
Lead the change Initiate the first steps to the change Reward and recognise change efforts Communicate early success

Show empathy and caring to the people affected by

Stage 4
Review progress and sustain the


Review progress of the plan to achieve the desired

end result & replan if necessary

Develop Standard Operating Procedures to ensure

that new skills and behaviour are sustained

Confirm and communicate

Communicate achievements

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