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Management involvement in the personnel training and skills upgrading

Category: HRM

How management contributes to staff training

Needs analysis Analysis of current/required skills… and survey of staff wishes
Preparing for training Participating in :

— drawing up training programme,

— choosing priorities,

— designing curricula,

— selecting trainees

Preparing trainees Preparing trainees by :

— introducing curriculum,

— providing/obtaining information,

— exchanging views on training objectives and eventual usefulness

Facilitating/teaching Managerial role in teaching and training sessions (e. g. seminars)

« On-the-job » training :

— instruction,

— meetings,

— paired work,

— etc.

Evaluating and monitoring of training Supervisors and managers help evaluate efficiency by assessing :

— skills acquisition by training,

-teaching quality,

— need for corrective or complementary measures

Follow-up On completion of training :

— meet trainee for debriefing,

— identify and discuss points needing further work,

— facilitate concrete application of new skills/knowledge.

The progress of each member of the staff should be monitored on a continuing basis (individual training plan, meeting employees individually, etc.)

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