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1) Work Sheet Consider each of the factors below and circle a number, which represents your particular behaviour. Remember there are no right or wrong answers to the procrastination indicator and its purpose is to give a general guide to your behaviour. The guide is for your personal use, so be honest with yourself.

Time stealers/wasters

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A Time Stealer/Waster is an obstacle that gets in the way of achieving the job objective and does not contribute anything positive. See list below:

Time management and the prime time of day

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Time Management is the effective use of your time and that of your subordinates, which means organising yourself first and then your subordinates

Behavioural questionnaire and check-list. What kind of managers bring the best of you?

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Behavioural questionnaire and check-list Leadership checklist

Leadership: setting up the project of developing more accurate practices

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The different styles which affect leadership They are shown on the graph:

Pricing policy. Communication policy. Human resources policy. Profile of a branch manager

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Pricing policy Adapt the pricing to their local markets Who is sensitive to prices? In general private clients, more than companies.

Douglas Mc Gregor’s theory

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The American writer Douglas McGregor described two contrasting assumptions about the behaviour of employees, called theory X and theory Y.

HRM. Achieving the task

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The difference between a team and a group of people is that a team has some common purpose, goal or objective. If a work team does not achieve the required result or a meaningful result it will become frustrated. Organisations have a task to make a profit, to provide a service, or even to survive.