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Pricing policy. Communication policy. Human resources policy. Profile of a branch manager

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Pricing policy

Adapt the pricing to their local markets

Who is sensitive to prices? In general private clients, more than companies.

To assess:

Average price

+ or — counterpart risk (counterpart, sector risk)

discount price to enter a market

Packaging the price

Communication policy

What sort of events, publications, advertising, sponsoring and exhibition to organise our contacts and develop a efficient promotion on the potential market.

Give a few examples of concrete exhibition to target the potential market.

From several publicity for banks which you have relieve in the press and which you show, ask to the group to judge the relevance of the messages and the consistency of the image of the bank and the selected review.

Human resources policy

Precise to the group that any change, any new orientation imply men. Moreover all new organisation is valid only if people join it and if they can adapt. It is thus fundamental to tackle in the action plans the question of people.

Note that some aspects of the problem of Human Resources management will also be examined in the Resources module.

Human resources policy

What are my human resources requirements to have very efficient and professional people with good understanding of the targeted markets?

Example : Do I need to employ local employees for specifics markets with a very strong culture?


Among the crucial questions relating to human resources is the profile of a branch manager. Indeed it is essential to have managers in accordance with the situation of the branches in local markets.

Ask the trainees, to propose, for branches in different types of situation, the “ideal” profile for a manager.

Profile of a branch manager

Close a branch


Open a new branch


Maintain current business


Develop the branch on new markets


Quickly mention other aspects. For example:

Training of teams to develop skills on specific markets

Reinforcing sales teams to sustain / increase growth.

As a conclusion ask trainees if they see more points, and add:

Hiring or firing, creation of new business lines, integration of newly acquired networks with a different culture…

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