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Time stealers/wasters

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A Time Stealer/Waster is an obstacle that gets in the way of achieving the job objective and does not contribute anything positive. See list below:

Lengthy discussions (on phone or otherwise) Telephone calls
Drop in visitors who will not go Excessive socialising
Having a — “my door is always open”- policy Leader losing control
Repeating oneself in conversations Doing too much reading
Other people rambling on in conversations Data addiction
Indecision by leader Fear of small mistakes
Making decisions but not implementing them Travelling
Irrational decision making techniques Recurrent crises
Would rather be “doing” than “thinking” Doing pointless tasks
Postponing the unpleasant or difficult Paper shuffling
Doing other people’s jobs for them Forgetting to do things
Doing too much at the same time Always looking for mistakes
Spending a long time looking for information Cannot get jobs finished
Not having the necessary information available Lack of concentration
Other people failing to keep you informed Perfectionism in all tasks

Time stealer/waster action sheet

1- Join with a colleague and tackle the following task list. Spend approximately half the time on your own list and then spend the rest of the time on your colleague’s list.

2- From the list of “time stealers/wasters” identify a minimum of three which are a major problem for you.

3- Ask yourself why this is the case. Try to be as specific as you can. What do other people do that contributes to the problem? What can you do?

4- Try and identify as clearly as possible the consequences of the problem. For you? For others?

5- Now identify what you need to do to solve the problem? What others should do? Develop an action plan.

6- Talk through the above with your colleague who should give you feedback and ask questions which help to clarify your thoughts. Make any necessary amendments. Repeat the process for your partner.

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