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Training as a mean to change C.I.S. banks

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A lot of efforts have been made in the training of bankers area. They did not always reach all the expected success.

Short seminars are often considered as not being concrete (practical) enough to help solve today’s problem*. Nevertheless, there is still a need for specialised seminars that can facilitate informal discussions between bankers and with their western counterparts.

But it would be necessary that trainers are mainly western banks’ executives and that the courses tell about how they developed visions for growth, mission statements, etc., what problems they experienced over the years, what were the mistakes Western banks have made, how they overcame these problems, how these banks grew.

Then the programs for the seminars should be improved (made more relevant) and cover all the topics that are of a major interest, then defined, specifying the precise contents that have to be covered by the complementary courses.

It was also noticed that, in organising seminars, special efforts need to be made to attract top management. For such a purpose, it seems that special consideration should be given to location, side events, the possibility of inviting only top management from the best banks (at least, initially), having top personalities attending, etc.

Improving « training needs analysis » and « training effectiveness » are, thus, of a major importance even if they are not, until now, perceived as major problems by most of the C.I.S. bank managers. This is why Ebtra has elaborated one of its M.O.C. modules dealing with the means which could help to raise training effectiveness: « how to make the best use of training ».

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