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Logistics in the bank

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Organizational function

The number and variety of operations provides for strict compliance of the certain rules. One function can lead and manage of the projects of other functions in the bank, thus creating synergy.


For each project the bank organizational function should combine the budget with the banking strategy and planned capabilities of computer systems. This is the strategic organization.

This mission takes place in the creation and control of operational procedures, and provides the necessary means to carry out operations. This is the operational organization.

Positions of organizational function

Organizational function is designed to unite all the functions associated with the project in order to maximize customer satisfaction at minimum cost. Organizational practices include:

— Define expectations

— A list of specifications

— definition by computer engineers the conditions for the development of specifications

— Control over inventory specifications

Development methods

Organizational function responsible for reviewing and monitoring projects. Using simulation techniques it is possible to analyze the various hypotheses, figures show the impact on customer service, other divisions of the bank, the budget and return on investment.

Such modeling techniques must be approved by the user.

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