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Human resources department

Life in a social unit like a bank is timed by the ins and outs of employees, internal mobility and promotion linked to career management, and also to a dialogue with social representatives.

The second mission is to motivate the body of employees and executives to achieve the objectives set by General Management. To do so, this department must use functional and geographical mobility, usually accompanied by promotion, but this is more and more difficult for some professions have become too technical.

The third mission consists in managing the administration of the body of employees (salaries, social payments). This has to be done under the national regulations applicable to any firm, and under a collective agreement.

Professional training

Much importance is given to professional training in banks because changes in the environment give birth to new professions and deeply modify the existing ones.

Training has a major role to play:

General training to prepare a professional diploma.

Technical training in a special field to improve the expertise of employees.

Training to improve personal, negotiation and time-management skills

Training to retrain employees whose profession is disappearing.

The trainers can be either people within the bank, or employees of Bank Training centres or people from training organisations.

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