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Conditions for training effectiveness

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Conditions for training effectiveness: how to enhance the effectiveness of training?

When the relevant objectives have been defined and motivation of the bank and the trainees obtained, there are still several things to do to ensure the effectiveness of the training: choosing accurate pedagogical approach, elaborating efficient training tools, obtaining participation of the most adapted trainers, etc.

Let us discuss the first of these points, before coming back, next, to the others.

It is also important to choose the right training methods and use the right methodological approach when conducting courses,

For instance, in order to enhance their usefulness, the courses ought to be purpose-oriented, the trainings should be well coordinated, the trainers should prepare themselves (for instance, through the already mentioned preparation weeks for western trainers) and specific target groups should be defined -along with criteria for the selection of the trainees- so that homogeneous audiences (not having heterogeneous levels of knowledge and expectations) can be formed. To reach concrete on-the-job outputs, the groups being trained should be as homogeneous as possible, in terms of type of bank and level of seniority. Thus, in running seminars, efforts should be made to ensure that those attending come from similar backgrounds and have similar problems and functions within their organisations.

Ebtra’s Management Of Change module on « Educational planning » presents a more complete identification of the organisational conditions for training transfer and effectiveness, selection of pedagogic methods, development of course schedules and of course materials, measurement of the effects of training, etc.

But it is mainly Ebtra’s Management Of Change module « How to make the best use of training » that covers all the conditions for training effectiveness: « This course is based on the «Training for results» process developed and used by the C.F.P.B. and intended to satisfy two complementary conditions:

— the quality of the training itself, its conception and distribution,

— the quality of the application of what has been learnt — its integration into the working environment.

It should be added that the effectiveness of training also depends on the quality of its organisation and management»

We noticed, first, that there is an obviously increasing need for materials available, translated into Russian, for self-education and distance learning: text-books, manuals, handbooks and video productions or film tools for training. There is actually a growing demand for such materials and it would be useful to set up banking libraries, reading rooms for employees, etc. But, here again, this requires a previous adaptation.

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