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How to increase motivation to work. Factors of motivation. Types of stimulation

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What are the qualitative factors of motivation? What type of action for a qualitative motivation You are responsible for a unit. What would be your answer to the different expectations of your colleagues, knowing that you are a manager who is convinced that the motivation of the people at work is the key to success?

Herzberg’s theory of the motivation to work

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The initial study and the concepts The American psychologist Frederick Herzberg has propounded a theory of motivation at work that concentrates on Job Satisfaction. He identified two basic categories of need systems: the need to avoid unpleasantness and the need for personal growth.

Maslow’s model of human needs

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Motivation theories suggest that man has a “package” of needs: the best way to motivate an employee is to find out what his needs are and offer him rewards that will satisfy those needs.

What is job motivation?

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Motivation is a term used in different contexts to refer to: — goals or outcomes that have become desirable for a particular individual, as in “he (or she) is motivated by money”,