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Necessary actions at the lower level of the company to implement MIS/EIS

Category: Information Systems

In order to implement the management tools, quite often it is necessary to improve the company system at the bottom level in order to automate the use of these tools as much as possible.

Lack of methodology

Category: Information Systems

Historically, many companies converted from Mainframe to modern Intranet technologies and most encountered methodological problems in modernising their software. Various programmers using different languages developed programmes to overcome problems. However, programme source codes are usually insufficiently documented and business processes and document turnover are rarely formalised.

The typical situation in Ukrainian enterprises

Category: Information Systems

When selecting and analysing candidate companies for project assistance and working with the selected companies, a number of striking similarities were observed. These similarities led to the idea to formulate a generic methodology for MIS implementation.

Factors necessary for effective implementation of MIS

Category: Information Systems

MIS implementation projects sometimes fail even in companies where management is effective in other terms. Even in cases when implementation goes more or less smoothly, it often happens that budget and time limits for achieving live operation are exceeded.

Definition of key indicators. Panel of key indicators

Category: Information Systems

To manage a business efficiently, a manager (CEO) constantly needs current information about what is happening with production, sales, prices, quality of products etc. He/she does not need all of the data; rather some aggregated indicators which can give him a basic assessment of performance, evaluate results achieved, foresee possible problems and take timely corrective […]

Categories of information systems for automating your business

Category: Information Systems

Information systems for business control and management can be divided into two main groups: Management Information Systems (MIS), and Operational Systems.