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Douglas Mc Gregor’s theory

Category: HRM

The American writer Douglas McGregor described two contrasting assumptions about the behaviour of employees, called theory X and theory Y.

HRM. Achieving the task

Category: HRM

The difference between a team and a group of people is that a team has some common purpose, goal or objective. If a work team does not achieve the required result or a meaningful result it will become frustrated. Organisations have a task to make a profit, to provide a service, or even to survive.

Maslow’s model of human needs

Category: Staff’s Motivation

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Motivation theories suggest that man has a “package” of needs: the best way to motivate an employee is to find out what his needs are and offer him rewards that will satisfy those needs.

What is job motivation?

Category: Staff’s Motivation

Motivation is a term used in different contexts to refer to: — goals or outcomes that have become desirable for a particular individual, as in “he (or she) is motivated by money”,

Leaders’ responsibilities and leadership styles of behaviours

Category: HRM

In time hundreds of studies have been conducted to test the various leadership theories. One of the most comprehensive series was conducted at Ohio State University. After analysing 1,500 manager behaviour descriptions two major factors emerged by which leadership style could be described:

Management functions and leadership basis

Category: HRM

It is essential that management understand not only how people behave, but also why. Such knowledge is valueless, however, unless provision is also made for an environment that enables and encourages employees to achieve personal and corporate goals. The way in which a leader deals with subordinates will to a considerable degree; be determined by […] Blog for traders