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Internal analysis. How to keep an objective view on my branch network?

Category: Branches

Internal analysis How to analyse the network? How to keep an objective view on our institution? What are the different points to observe and analyse?

Commercial banks. Merchant and Investment Banks

Category: Branches

Commercial banks These banks, also known as «retail» of «clearing» banks, are usually understood to be banks that provide a «full» range of services via an extensive branch network and receive a large part of their funding from the public in the form of retail deposits.

Analysis. How to gather all these data?

Category: Branches

Give trainees 2 minutes to prepare answers on their own and then get feedback from some trainees without giving guidance on the answers but certainly give encouragement where appropriate.

Why analyse your markets? Components of the external analysis

Category: Branches

Why analyse your markets? Quickly go through the following points:

Branch funding policy

Category: Branches

1. Funding in banks Discuss briefly how are financed branches in trainees’ banks. Make sure that allocation of responsibilities between branches and head office is consistent with the business that branches are expected to do, and what they are not supposed to do.

Branch operational resources

Category: Branches

Branch operational resources The introduction of the seminar will be done with a quick view of the main elements to take care of in financing a branch’s current activity, regardless the banking business.