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Preconditions for integration of information systems

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To enhance financial management a company typically needs to integrate its information systems, if one or more of the following criteria are met:

— company has organizational units, which are located far from central office (workshops, subsidiaries, companies associated with corporation or holding)

— company uses different non-integrated informational systems:

There is no common reference base for all company’s organizational units

Organizational units employ their own local databases:

— information systems are designed to deal with financial and tax accounting. Value of the data collected in these systems is decreasing when they grow older. But at the same time their statistical relevance and value is increasing as time goes.

For example, if:

— a company system has accumulated a large volume of accounting data (around 5 Mio. transactions per year) and primary accounting documents (about 1000 delivery notes per day),

— a company has 25 subsidiaries scattered around Ukraine,

— these subsidiaries use different information systems for accounting purposes (e.g.: «1С», «TurboBuhgalter», «BEST» and other internally developed solutions), maintained by local programmers then it would probably need integration.

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