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Internal analysis. How to keep an objective view on my branch network?

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Internal analysis

How to analyse the network?

How to keep an objective view on our institution?

What are the different points to observe and analyse?


After 2 minutes ask selected trainees to answer these questions. This is the first exercise of the course and it may take a while to get ideas if they are not familiar with each other.

This session will prepare them for the material that will follow.

Answer elements

Explain that this is a difficult challenge. It is a self assessment and the more challenge is to identify by himself, his weaknesses.

Ask trainees to imagine the key of a successful internal analysis to prepare the next that will follow

How to keep an objective view on my branch network?

Main points to examine:

Employing external experts. To make sure the analysis is conducted outside potential conflicts of interest or power relations, which always exist within an organisation.

Using objectives criteria

Observing, reading and listening

Practising interviews of the staff

Imagining meeting and surveys with customers to obtain their feeling about the branch

All other useful ideas from trainees are welcome.

After having considered the network as a whole, assess branches individually, or by sub-networks (example of regional centers that may manage a small number of local branches).

Our branch network

Main points to examine in assessing branches:





Profile and know how of sales staff

Then, how to give a grade and possibly compare branches among each other? Introduce the scoring method. It consists in elaborating a checklist of significant criteria, and giving a range of grades for each one, and weighting which shows the respective importance of every criterion. We can obtain the following:

Example of a method : the performance local scoring


SECTOR                    STAFF PROFILE                   BRANCH LOCATION

PRODUCT TYPE      CLIENT AGE                         MANAGER’S PROFILE

SECURITY                RISK POLICY                       COMMERCIAL APPR.

LOCAL AUTH.          BANK’S IMAGE                   AUTONOMY

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