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Integration of «key indicators» software with operational system

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The picture below shows the technology of integration of «Key Indicators» software with operational systems.

the technology of integration of «Key Indicators» software with operational systems

Two approaches to data import from the current operational system to the Key Indicators data warehouse were proposed:

Import of data into KI DW from the structure which corresponds to the internal structure of the warehouse’s facts

Import of data into KI DW from structures which are unique for different key indicators

In the first case, the algorithm of data import from the side of KI DW is universal and does not depend on the number of key indicators. However, it requires that the lower-level system has data export tools of the structure described below (see Integration specifications).

Structure of metadata

F_Key Constraints Date Date date
KeyI_Id KeyI_Id int
IntervalType_Id IntervalType_Id
LeftRedConstraint LeftRedConstraint float
RightRedConstraint RightRedConstraint
LeftYellowConstraint LeftYellowConstraint
RightYellowConstraint RightYellowConstraint
LeftGreenConstraint LeftGreenConstraint
RightGreenConstraint RightGreenConstraint
F_KeyIValues Date Date Date
SubDiv_Id SubDiv_Id int
KeyI_Id KeyI_Id
Prod_Id Prod_Id
Kln_Id Kln_Id
Reg_Id Reg_Id
Val Val Float
Quantity Quantity
Summa Summay


In the second case, the algorithm of data import from KI DW is not universal: integration modules should be developed for virtually every specific indicator. This approach will not require that lower-level system develop complicated tools for data import in metastructure. However, at the meta-level of KI DW one will have to introduce additional tables to synchronise the data from the two systems.

As the remedy for the situation in question, an expedient, combined solution can be proposed. Here, integration for the majority of key indicators will be done via the metastructure of KI DW and in exceptional cases – via an integration scheme which is unique for every specific indicator.

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