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Handbook on Management of Change

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EBTRA was created in order to increase the efficiency of these projects by providing a platform for the cross-fertilization and co-ordination of financial services projects in the CIS through the organization of seminars and conferences, and by developing and distributing materials that enhance training, consultancy and twinning activities.

Experience shows that there is one shortcoming that is common to most projects. Consultants and bankers from the EU and their CIS counterparts differ to a large extent in their understanding of the respective local situation and the changes that are required. This problem constitutes a severe hindrance to the effectiveness of technical assistance projects, in particular, in the critical first phase of projects.

In order to enhance the co-operation between Western experts and CIS bankers, we have developed this handbook that may be helpful in reducing initial frictions and minimizing communication failures. In the first part, we present an analytical overview of banking in the CIS. The main aim of this part is to provide Western experts who may not be sufficiently acquainted with CIS banking with some knowledge about banking in transition. We analyse macroeconomic, sector-specific and microeconomic influences bankers in the CIS are subject to, and discuss the effects of these constraints on the behaviour of banks.

The second part presents some methodology of change that is aimed at enhancing the co-operation between Western and Eastern consultants and bankers. We address questions like: How can requirements of change in CIS banks be identified jointly by the bankers and their Western partners? How should change be implemented? What are the respective specific effects of training, consultancy and bank twinning on the change process of banks in transition?

This handbook was written on the background of a large number of workshops, seminars and conferences, and the permanent exchange of experiences with Western and Eastern colleagues, and with the use of the economics literature and the literature on the management of change.

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