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Exercises 1 and 2. What would you do?

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Exercise 1

The purpose of the exercise is to have the participants thinking by themselves about a possible action plan (or some possible action plans) in two cases, which are to be used all along the various modules.

The first situation relates to a banking branch geographically remote from the head-office. The branch has a significant time difference with its Head-Office.

The second branch is located near the Head-Office, and has a more specialised activity.

With the help of a paper board, the participants will discuss the possible action plan(s) the managers of these branches could have, keeping in mind the:




By when?

For how much?

There is no single possible action plan. However, take care of the suitability and feasibility of the plan by keeping asking trainees: «How can you achieve that?».

Exercise 2

This is the same type of exercise than the first one, but this time with the participants thinking on behalf of the general manager of the bank. The objective is to see if the action plan is of a different nature than in exercise 1.

It is normally a more global and synthetic action plan. It should however be detailed enough.

The participants will also discuss the consistency of the branch manager’s plans with the global action plan.


The bank holds 20 branches, among which:

10 in urban areas, with both corporate and individual customers

5 in industrial suburbs of large cities, doing finance for large industrial companies

5 in mid-sized towns to develop SME business in regions.

Important to keep in mind:

What to expect from all branches? How often? What type of decisions cam I take and what do I need to support them?

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