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Analysis of customer portfolio

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Based on the above, we now focus on the type of customers the branches deal with. According to every bank’s profile, this can be differentiated, or to the contrary not differentiated at all, from other banks.


Ask trainees to identify the main data to analyse about this topic.

This exercise will prepare for the material that will follow.

Analysis of the customer portfolio

What are the main criteria to analyse?

Examine for example our corporate customers: are they consistent with the with the bank’s business targets?

Answer elements

Much analysis can be made on the customers portfolio.

For example:

Number of products held on average by each customer

Type of products / services used by customers

Balances by account

Penetration rate in an area or an industry (= number of customers on the whole of the companies of the sector)

Average age of individual customers

Average seniority of the customers in their relation with the bank

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